About Us

Founded in 2021 by former NewStar Financial executives, our team has spent over 25 years successfully building and leading world-class alternative credit investment businesses while establishing a proven track record across economic and market cycles.

The company invests across a wide array of equipment types, industries and throughout the credit spectrum via a seasoned group of investment professionals with diverse credit risk management and structuring expertise.

Clarus Capital was formed as a partnership between a proven leadership team and long-term institutional capital with the goal of building a comprehensive equipment finance platform that addresses the needs of U.S. middle market companies.


Latin, Clarus means clear, bright, upstanding, honorable and respected, and captures the vision for the firm perfectly.

Deep experience of the past

Our team’s time and market-tested history of consistent superior performance

Clear vision for the future

Strong capital commitment and favorable market conditions create a unique platform opportunity

Why the


Though nation-wide in scope, many members of the Clarus Capital team trace their personal and/or professional roots to the Boston area. Just east of our office, standing in the heart of historic Boston Harbor since before the American Revolution, Boston Light is a weather-tested, fully-functional monument to stability, endurance, reliability and risk management. First constructed in 1716 and later rebuilt in 1783, it is the oldest lighthouse location in the United States. As a testament to its historical significance, Boston Light is now the last remaining lighthouse still kept by US Coast Guard personnel. The light’s rich history includes a temporary occupation by British soldiers during the Revolution and countless episodes of human survival, bravery and endurance in the most challenging conditions.