Maureen O’Loughlin

Director, Business Analyst

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Maureen has over 30 years of experience working in the equipment leasing and finance business.  Before joining the Clarus Capital team she was the Vice President of Operations and Documentation for three years at Radius Bank and more recently Lending Club. Prior to that, Maureen spent over 20 years at MUFG, the world’s largest financial institution, in diverse roles in the bank's accounting, finance and technology divisions.   Maureen serves as a member of the Finance team at Clarus Capital as a Director, Business Analyst.

Among her many responsibilities, Maureen focuses on the development, implementation, and administration of the firm's core technology system, as well as managing the general ledger.

In addition to her great sense of humor, Maureen brings to Clarus Capital her extensive experience in and knowledge of the complex and critical process of building information systems and the implementation of customized business applications.   Her ability to analyze problems, take the time to understand the subject matter at hand and offer efficient and effective solutions have already been on display at Clarus Capital as new systems are stood up and as complex account management necessities take shape.

Maureen has experience with SQL server databases, general ledger systems and various accounting platforms.   In her last position she worked primarily on the operations side of leasing and handled the booking of leases/loans, payoffs and terminations.  In addition, she partnered with the Finance team to resolve difficult accounting issues. The combination of all these skills made Maureen a must-have addition to the Clarus Capital effort in the Founders’ view.

Outside of work, Maureen finds great balance by getting out of doors and into nature alongside her dogs, her family and close friends.