Mike Eisenstein

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

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Prior to co-founding Clarus Capital, Mike was responsible for a variety of mission-critical corporate treasury management and finance functions over his 15 years at NewStar Financial. During that time, he coordinated, executed and subsequently managed the successful issuance of dozens of benchmark securitizations through partnerships with market-leading institutions.

Mike had worked closely with Tim Conway, Steve O’Leary and other members of the equipment finance group from its formation through multiple capital raising events and ultimately its sale to Radius Bank.

As CFO and Treasurer at Clarus, Mike is responsible for all internal financial controls and reporting and will oversee and external financing and capital raising efforts.

While at NewStar, Mike developed and managed a treasury management team that proved critical to NewStar’s longevity over a period of unprecedented market challenges - before, during and after the Great Financial Crisis. Under his leadership, NewStar was among the most frequent and highly respected middle market securitization issuers. Mike established trusted relationships with the nation’s most prominent providers of middle market capital, which he maintains to this day and which figure to play a prominent role in Clarus Capital’s long-term success.

Mike was responsible for aligning financial and treasury strategy with the overall corporate vision as well as directing its tactical implementation. He oversaw all facets of securitization execution, capital and liquidity forecasting, portfolio valuation, regulatory and debt covenant compliance, stock repurchase programs, corporate credit rating management, interest rate hedging strategies and LIBOR transition, to name just a few.

Mike’s experience carries over directly to his new roles at Clarus. Mike’s project-management, organizational, problem-solving and solution-finding skills have been on full display in Clarus’ formation and will continue to benefit the platform as it executes on the long-term plan. As one of the chief architects of the Clarus vision, Mike’s emphasis has been for Clarus to be a sophisticated, technology-oriented, class-leading and programmatic issuer of asset-backed equipment securitizations. Mike will serve on Investment Committee, Management Committee and as a member of the Board of Directors.

The reach of Mike’s experience, personal and professional integrity, and enthusiasm for both learning and teaching extend well beyond the workplace. To the benefit of hundreds of young business students over the past dozen years, Mike has also had the privilege of being a member of the Finance faculty of Suffolk University’s Sawyer School of Business, a role he enjoys and looks forward to continuing going forward.

Mike and his family reside north of Boston. An outdoor and fitness enthusiast, away from work and school, Mike enjoys a variety of hobbies with family and friends, especially back-country hiking and snowshoeing around New England. A continuous learner himself, Mike is also an avid reader of any economic, capital market, securitization and strategic management resources he can get his hands on.